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Our goal is fluency...

For many of us who are already adults, fluency is not likely. But we can learn some phrases, we can become literate in the language, and we will be able to carry on simple conversations in Mohegan. It will be up to the next generation to take on the mission of fluency.

One of the best ways to learn a language is to hear it. You can hear the Mohegan language spoken in the podcasts available on this site. The lessons are short selections on words and how to use the grammar. The exercises are repetitions of the sentences and phrases used in the lesson.

To help this generation and those to come this site will include a growing Mohegan to English dictionary updated regularly, an English to Mohegan Word Finder similarly updated with new words, and the Mohegan rules of grammar. (See Download Resources to the left.)

In the Listen section we have selections of prayers, songs, Mohegan names, job names, and animals that you will be able to listen to on your computer and download to your iPod or MP3 player. (You can navigate to these pages through Listen at the top of the page or to the left.)

Also coming is a redaction of Fidelia Fielding's diaries including a transcription of Fidelia's writing, Frank Speck's transcription and English translation that has been used for the past 75+ years, and her diaries in our modern orthography. If you want to see her original handwriting check out the Cornell site under Associated Links.

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